Ephesians: In Light of MoreEphesians: In Light of More

Ephesians: In Light of More


This fall we will be preaching through Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, which teaches us what it means to “grow up in Christ”.

As a part of Christian Education and Equipping, the podcast provided here is a conversation between Dr. Michael Allen and myself that sets the stage for our upcoming sermon series in Ephesians.  

Week after week we will be invited to live our life in light of the fact that God is always up to more than we can see with our natural eyes. There is more to life, reality, history, purpose, community, and even our own selves than we tend to think. A big emphasis in Ephesians is helping us to be spiritually-minded and to see the presence of God’s grace in every area of life and then see how that re-shapes all of our life. 

I am convinced that the gospel changes everything. The pervasive power of the gospel in every aspect of our lives is the foundation for our mission of making whole-life disciples for their callings. I am excited to see how our time in the book of Ephesians this Fall will equip and encourage us to grow as whole-life disciples in our communion with God, our community with one another and our co-mission for our communities.