OUR VISION: To see our communities flourish through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The gospel changes everything. We long to see the gospel redeem and restore all things. Redeemed lives lead to flourishing relationships. Redeemed relationships lead to flourishing communities. Our community is everywhere we live, work, learn, and play. God called His people to "seek the flourishing" of the city where he sent them (Jeremiah 29). We believe God is still calling His people to seek the flourishing of the community where he has sent them.

OUR MISSION: To make whole-life disciples for their callings.

Whole-Life Disciple: Is one who responding to the love of God in Christ increasingly pursues communion with God, community with one another, and co-mission for the world.

We believe Jesus has called his people to follow him as his disciple in all of their lives, to give their whole-life to the Way of Jesus. There is no part of our lives, no part of creation that goes untouched by the gospel. We are all increasingly transformed by the power of the gospel into the image of Christ from one degree of glory to another (2 Cor. 3:18).

Callings: Every believer has a primary calling as a child of God. Every believer has secondary callings as a brother or sister, parent, spouse, worker, employee, employer, etc. The good news of Jesus is not a self-improvement project but rather a calling to be on mission with God in all the roles he has given us in life.

NewCity is a gospel-centered church

pursuing personal transformation, authentic community and cultural renewal

Gospel-Centered church

The gospel of Jesus Christ has always been at the core of NewCity. The gospel is the good news of Jesus' victory over sin and death. With a passion for seeing the gospel transform our lives and our communities, NewCity began in the Fall of 2007 with three community groups. Corporate worship was launched on  January 13, 2008.