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Songs of the Messiah Resources

Download a pdf version of the Songs of the Messiah devotional below.

Advent - it comes every year, and every year we enter into a season of anticipation and longing for the coming of Jesus. We enter into it, but do we engage it? 

As the Director of Music and Liturgy, I get the honor and privilege of crafting services that, by the power of the Spirit, help us to see God, worship God, and be changed by God as we engage in corporate worship. Beginning next week, November 26th, it’s my desire for us all to have the opportunity to more fully engage corporate worship each week as a church body at NewCity. That desire was the inspiration behind the creation of our Advent devotional. Each week, we will all have an opportunity to READ, PRAY, REFLECT, and ENGAGE corporate worship through the Advent devotional.

So, what are some practical ways that we can all do this together? Here are a few suggestions on how you can use the Advent devotional as a resource with family and friends in the coming weeks: 

  1. Use the theme of the week (Week 1 is “Trust”) to explore God’s relationship and action toward you. When we recall God’s action toward us in our lives, it stirs our hearts to want to praise Him. 

  2. If you are able, walk through the devotional with family or friends. This will help us stir one another toward affection and longing for Jesus. It always helps me see more of God when I see Him at work in the lives of others. 

  3. Memorize the verse and sing the song. The verses are short, and the song lyrics are a verse and a chorus in length. When we pair singing (music) with God’s Word (truth), it engages both our hearts and our minds.

  4. Try setting time aside on Saturday night. Hopefully, the themes, reflections, songs, and verses will be more fresh in your mind as you come to worship on Sunday.

It is my prayer that the Advent devotional will cause each of us to deeply long for the Advent of Jesus, and to help us to see much more of Him as we gather together on Sundays, and that together we will sing the Songs of the Messiah.

- Joshua Kessler Director of Music and Liturgy

Wallpaper for your phone

We’ve created a wallpaper for each week’s memorization scripture to better engage us in the Songs of the Messiah! Open the links below and download to your device.

Songs of the messiah playlist