NewCity is not a church with Community Groups but a church of Community Groups. Participation in a Community Group is essential to being woven into the relational fabric of NewCity.

Community Groups exist for...


Members are supported in bearing witness to Jesus through word & deed wherever they live, work, learn, & play.


People are welcomed to belong in community & are woven into the relational fabric of the church.


Members contribute to one another’s flourishing through prayerful love.

what do community groups do?

Share a Meal
Eating together increases our connection to one another and builds relationships around a common table.

Sharing Your Story
To know and be known. Sharing the story of God's saving work in our lives in the past, the present and our hope in his finished work in our lives celebrates the transforming power of the gospel in our lives.

Gospel Foundations
This 5-part series teaches and equips followers of Jesus to know and apply the essential truths of the gospel to their lives.

Character Focused Prayer
An opportunity to bring our needs and desires, our gratitude and our need for grace before God and our community, caring for one another through prayer.