Today's Reading

What is community bible reading?

Community Bible Reading (CBR) is the daily practice of reading one Old Testament chapter and one New Testament chapter every day as a community. The Community Bible Reading plan allows participants to read through the New Testament once every year and the Old Testament once every three years. 

The CBR Journal provides a helpful framework for us to engage God's word through journaling, praying and conversation in community. CBR Journals are available at the Connect Table in the foyer on Sunday mornings.

Helpful Resource

The Bible Project is a completely free resource that offers video and graphic overviews of each book of the bible as well as various theological doctrines. The Bible Project is an incredibly helpful resource that can be used on a regular basis. This is also a great resource for families because they can print out the poster and color it together as they walk through each book.

When you start a new book of the Bible it can be helpful to check out the video overview to get you more acquainted with the book in preparation to meditate on the various chapters each day.