consistent connection & care

Community Groups serve a critical and unique role in advancing our mission of whole-life transformation for the glory of God and the good of our neighbor in the lives of the church body at NewCity Orlando. 

Community Groups meet our need to connect with each other and the gospel in a personal and relational context that is not possible in other sized relational groups. Community Groups invite us to experience and live out the many "one-another" commands found throughout the Bible.

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Weekly Community Group gatherings provide the context in which connection and care are fostered. Consistency creates opportunity and communicates intentionality and value.


Connection with the gospel. Connection with one-another. Connection to the church body and ministries at NewCity.


Community Groups are a place for us to practice and participate in biblical unity and love. It is a place to love one another, carry one another's burdens, honor one another above ourselves and live out the many other "one-another" commands of scripture. We care for the health, welfare and protection of the body of Christ in and through Community Groups.

what do community groups do?


Share a Meal
Eating together increases our connection to one another and builds relationships around a common table.


Sharing Your Story
To know and be known. Sharing the story of God's saving work in our lives in the past, the present and our hope in his finished work in our lives celebrates the transforming power of the gospel in our lives.


Gospel Foundations
This 5-part series teaches and equips followers of Jesus to know and apply the essential truths of the gospel to their lives.


Character Focused Prayer
An opportunity to bring our needs and desires, our gratitude and our need for grace before God and our community, caring for one another through prayer.